Isnin, 12 Disember 2011


Once upon a time..

I got a boy who's there whenever i need a couple of broad shoulders.He always be the man with tissues in his pockets to wipe my tears.I was being dumped by my exboy.I was upset.I lost.But my boy here,he's doing his job without earning any bucks.What a boy i have...He's my friend.


He isn't here anymore.He's somewhere else you,me,us dont know.He's somewhere near a so called ''Happy City''.He wasn't there when i was scared.But yeah that wasnt the case.Im all good,but nothing's okay.Last week,a major malapetaka passed by and i can handle every single blow..without him.

Im eating a sandwich.

''Good weeds,cold drinks,that's the muthafuckin recipe.'' - Wiz Khalifa (my baby bucuk)